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Our cuisine where the relationship
with the local territory leads to a unique taste


Our kitchen is inspired by local traditions,
giving rise to new gastronomic combinations
made from fresh local ingredients from our region
that vary with each season

In the beginning, it was a tavern, where people went to have fun and spend time in good company, sharing various snacks while sipping house-wine, the typical “tajut”. One can still feel this family atmosphere when entering inside, in light more and more refined tones evolving over time, conquering the hearts and the palates of numerous prestigious and famous people in the fields of entertainment, sports and politics. A kitchen inspired by popular vast experience and knowhow guided by chefs Eddi Riotto and Antonio Mereu, which, in between stoves, love to create new taste combinations in accordance with the changing seasons. The raw materials are selected with the same cure and attention of the past, and sublimated with the latest cooking techniques, which then reaches your table with a completely renewed and artistic refined presentation.

Seasonal ingredients, from small local producers.

Flavors of the past,
enriched with
contemporary expertise

We put great effort in the selections of our seasonal ingredients, also exalting less commonly known products and preferring small local producers that still maintain traditional and territorial knowhow on a daily basis.
The traditional flavors and aromas intermingle in the kitchen and when dining, thanks to the creativity of our chefs, who use modern culinary techniques to enhance the value and characteristics of each ingredient.
We want to offer you a taste of our local food and wine heritage from our region, to make your experience here with us special and unique.

Our Vinery,
with oenological
excellence from
Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Our Vinery includes more than 250 labels, mainly from small local producers, in addition to national and international excellences. We have created a trustful relationship with the winemakers of our territory over time, exploring the most suitable areas, to select the most representative wines from our region.
Our oenological selections are chosen to perfectly combine with the delights of our kitchen, while at the same time, guiding you through an emotional journey of our region, nowadays possible with fine oenological experiences.

Matteo, our sommelier, will help guide you in the selection of the perfect wine for each occasion

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