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Our history and profound bond with our local territory and our esteemed customers

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I treat my customers like they are
longtime friends

Giuliana Petris

Familiarity and quality without
compromises have always been
the important notions of
our Restaurant

It all started in 2003, when Roberto Romano and Giuliana Petris decide to give a brand-new life to an old tavern located next to the Cathedral of Udine, transforming it in the current “Hostaria alla Tavernetta”. A place that, in time, became more and more refined and elegant, offering a cuisine with a contemporary charm closely bound to the territory and its traditional heritage.

For the Romano Family, however, the fine local ingredients and creativity of the chefs were not enough to make the dining experience extraordinary: to make the difference, is in fact, the sense of warmth and familiarity that is so rarely found nowadays. Thus, every client became special and received the same hospitality that is usually reserved exclusively to family and friends.

Matteo Romano joins his parents in the Art of Hospitality, by suggesting the most suitable wines during dining, that unite the flavors of a traditional cuisine in a contemporary manner.

We want to give value to our territory and its extraordinary products, to provide a unique experience to all our guest

Roberto Romano


Our family, maintaining tradition and value

Our family was raised following the values of the past and, even today, we treat our guests with the same warmth of our past, making them feel at home. When we think of our restaurant, we imagine a big family that share the passion for good cuisine and the pleasure to be together, perhaps with a good glass of wine. We always try to all be present at our restaurant, to assure an excellent service of our fine gastronomic proposals. A team effort, has been our motto since 2003

Giuliana Petris, Roberto Romano e Matteo Romano

We are in step with modern times, yet times never forgetting our roots

Matteo Romano

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